Alternative energy

For thousands of years humanity uses the power of wind . However, recently last century we learned to convert this power to energy. The development adapted to this demand. In the last centuries grew - caused by development and technology - the demand on energy. To serve this demand innovative solutions were and are searched for. Not every time to the advance of nature.

We - - made the solution of this problem to our task.

Requires Weltweit

Approx 30.000 islands are in the Indian Ocean. Only some of them possess a generating station. In the most cases energy - aggregates are used to comply to the demand, which are run with petrol or diesel. Let us take the amount of 100.000 energy - aggregates, which burn 2 ltr. fuel to produce 1kW energy.

This would make 200.000 ltr. fuel per hour. Everybody can think on his own on the real numbers!