Quality features

  • very calm run
  • aerodynamic glass fiber wings
  • rev regulation via wing adjustment
  • transmission and bearing run in oil-fett
  • synchronous generator
  • high power magnet
  • preventing system for thermal overheating
  • high power ball bearing
  • Not-Stop (Wind-Pressure-Switch)
  • mechanical wind post direct
  • high quality
  • highly precise parts
  • 3 years warranty

On earth and on sea
 Multiple usage in many areas. Private household, mobile home, camping, garden, military operation, boats and expeditions. Depending on the usage different components are eligible.
 E.g. if the area is poor in wind: Longer and broader wings to mprove run up behaviour.
 For country usage the generators consist of fine stainless steel and aluminium.
 For maritime usage we deliver stainless steel and bronze parts.